5 good reasons to take advantage of the confinement to organize your next trip to Costa Rica

1. In a few weeks, you will have watched all of the animal documentaries

Home to almost 5% of the planet's biodiversity, Costa Rica has one of the highest species density per hectare in the world. Take advantage of your next trip to discover with your own eyes the natural riches of our planet!

2. After a few days of confinement, you have a terrible desire to socialize

By nature very cheerful, the Costa Ricans show remarkable hospitality. A trip to the land of Pura Vida is the promise of unforgettable meetings and experiences!

3. Costa Rica is a safe destination

During this global health crisis, the Costa Rican government has demonstrated that its citizens but also its international tourists can count on one of the best health systems in the world. Here are the merits of a country which, thanks to the abolition of its army in 1948, was able to make considerable investments in education, health and many infrastructures!

4. Paradise beaches to catch up on your tan

Costa Rica is a thin strip of land that allows travelers to admire the sunrise on the Caribbean coast and its sunset on the Pacific coast on the same day. Despite its small area, the country has more than 800 kilometers of heavenly beaches on which it is possible to sunbathe almost all year round.

5. Discover a country actively involved in sustainable development

The Costa Rican government was a pioneer in the field of sustainable tourism by proposing in the 1990s a strategic plan for its development. Today, Costa Rica has 161 protected areas, 3 of which are inscribed on the World Heritage list; spaces that alone occupy 25% of the land.

This small country is also exemplary in terms of its electricity production, since more than 99% of it comes from renewable energy.

While waiting for the end of this gloomy period, we encourage you to explore the different pages of our website in order to offer you a few moments of escape.

We wish you all lots of courage and stay healthy!

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