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Race Driver - GRID (2008) PC Game Download clifurg




It is a sequel to Grid. Gameplay Grid 2 retains the arcade-inspired mechanics of its predecessor Grid, in which players can alter the trajectory of their race cars by drifting. Players start off racing in various sizes of circuits. The tracks are named after real-life circuits from all over the world, including the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the Speedway de Ville de Rouen, the Stock Car Classic and the Formula 1 Corporate. Each circuit has up to eight levels. Grid 2's gameplay mechanics are based on those of real-world racing, such as the use of Tires, Fuel, Traction, Engine Wear, and Handling. The handling of the cars can be greatly affected by weather, atmospheric conditions, driver fatigue and error. Cars that are affected by excessive forces (e.g. in the case of a spin) can be forced into spin-outs. Overtaking by using the technique of Cut-Rim Side-by-Side racing is also featured, as the game allows both this style of racing and full-course replays. During a race, the game's AI can be bypassed by using manual control or a driver in a different car. The player can also select races with settings that play like they would in real life. New features include a career mode, as well as a new physics engine. During a race, the game's physics engine will let players set up the track, which affects the outcome of the race. Player-controlled gameplay can be combined with the one-time car tuning mechanic. The game's campaign mode was developed in close cooperation with the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile), who sent Codemasters their own courses and team orders. The career mode was developed in cooperation with the Jordan Formula 1 team, while the AI modes were developed in collaboration with the McLaren F1 Team. The game also offers online multiplayer in races, where up to six players can compete on one track. Online races and challenges will earn players a set amount of points, which they can use to earn ranks in the grid. In this mode, the game can make use of a leaderboard for each race. The player can race against other players or against the game's AI. The game supports the Arcade, Retro, and Original control methods. During an Arcade or Retro race, the camera does not zoom into the action, allowing for a wider view. Reception



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Race Driver - GRID (2008) PC Game Download clifurg
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